Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Extreme Tip to Get Exclusive Free Knowledge.

Guys here i will give you a Extreme Tip . 
So  you guys daily watch learning videos on youtube , 
Attend webinars ,  Download full Courses,  Read articles , Read  PDFS , Join Groups  and Specially you attend those webinars which is offered by your broker . 
Your broker almost offer 2 webinars in a week and they also categorize levels like Beginner , Intermediate , Expert and you attend all webinars. But i am sure you never feel any difference between  categorize levels.
They give you same basic knowledge level in a Expert webinars ..
You never attend a webinar provided by your broker which helps and improve your knowledge level.

Think Why  ?

Extreme Tip to get Exclusive Free Knowledge.

Because 90 Percent Brokers have mostly retail trader clients and a retail trader is not a permanent client. And Why they have mostly retail trader clients. Because  minimum amount  required for open real account is just 5 $ .. So when a poor trader open account with 
5 , 50, 100 $ only broker know this person is a bullshit . 
He just want to waste money .  
Retail Trade mostly have 100$... to...1000 $   Account . Every Broker know retail trader is not a long term client . So Broker never share advance proper knowledge in Expert level webinar . 

Left 10 Percent Brokers minimum amount required for open real account is 1000$  ... to ... 5000$..
So they know we have good clients and our client trust on us and invest 1000 which is minimum ..
So broker provide advance proper knowledge in Expert level webinars ..

So always attend those webinars which are provided by good brokers .. 
Definition of good broker in my eyes for educational purpose is a broker have minimum amount required for open real account should be 1000$  ... to ... 5000$..

So here i only cover educational webinar section not service section.

Many brokers offer 5 $  minimum  and there services are good like , Spread , Deposit , Withdraw ect .

So remember here i just wanna say that if  broker minimum requirement amount is more then 1000 $ they provide quality educational webinars .

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