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My Forex Trading Rules.

So Traders here i am going to share my Forex Trading Rules. Many New Traders ask me about my Forex Trading Rules. These Rules for all types of Traders. 

1) Select a fix trading time for yourself . Yellow Section is Extremely Volatile .
My Forex Trading Rules.

2) Select a few trading pairs don’t work on all the pairs
3) Risk only 2% of your equity in your trading
4) Read the news each morning before you set for the trading
5) Work only with naked chart don’t use too many indicators
6) Take a trade with patience and give a time to the market
7) Don’t try to trade each day make a weekly target for yourself 

8) Make a good trading plan
9) Take a trade with analysis of at least 2,3 time frames
10) Wait for Monday closing to judge the exact market direction

11) Trade only with proper risk and reward setups
12) Take a rest after each profit and loss from market
13) The more you trade the more will you loss
14) Plan the trade and trade the plan
15) Never try think tops or bottoms otherwise go the casino and pick red or black

14) Work only with fresh Mind
15) Trend is your friend work only with market trend

if you follow these rules you will earn huge profits. Remember Forex market  also know as Patience . if Your Strategy gives you reasonable profits then only follow your Strategy otherwise follow our Extremely Profitable Strategies.



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