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Top 10 Famous Traders (Active on Twitter).

So Guyz here i will Share Top 10  Famous Trader Active on Twitter Must Follow These Traders.
Before you enter in a market you must know latest happening in a market so for this purpose you must Follow these Famous Traders.
You can create shortcuts or bookmarks of these Twitter Accounts.
Top 10 Famous Traders (active on twitter).
Top 10 Famous traders (active on twitter)

  1. Bryon Franzen (@bkfViking123)
  2. Craig Heath (@Burns277)
  3. Nathan Michaud (@InvestorsLive)
  4. Mark Lehman (@markflowchatter)
  5. Matt Busigin (@mbusigin)
  6. Joe Kunkle (@OptionsHawk)
  7. Scott Redler (@RedDogT3Live)
  8. STT2318 (@stt2318)
  9. Paul (@Super_Trades )
  10. NYC Trader (@SZAman)

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