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How To Be a Emotionless Trader .

Guys as you know every new trader face this problem .  They can't control their emotions and fear.
So here i will tell you some tips how to become a fearless and emotionless trader .

How To Be a Emotionless Trader .

1..... Never invest your whole Savings first time .. 
        Always invest less then 50 % of Saving first time .

2..... Never think about  you win or lose, but instead "worry" about
        you are following all your system's rules and your 
         money management accurately or not .

3..... Never Change Your SL or  TP.  
        Never Close Trade Until SL or   TP  hit.

4..... Always accept your lose .

5..... Always take some rest after SL hit ..

6..... Don't Trade immediately after SL hit.

7..... Always Take Risk  1 %   or    2 %   on Total Balance .

8..... Use Small Lot Size at initial Stage ..

9.... Never Use Big Lots just to recover your loss .

10....  Never open against trade near SL .
          ( Means you put buy trade and market near your buy's trade
          SL.. and you open Sell Trade  )

11.....   Don't Enter trade after seen big candles or Extreme

12.....Never Follow Signals Groups .
        ( Many Trades Follow 10 ...15 Signals Groups at same time
        and ON Notification option. 
        So when they want to enter trade according OWN System they
        also See Signals Groups Recommendations LOL...  
        And They Confuse and when they Confuse , Fear and
        Emotions involve in a particular trade.)

13..... When Daily Target Complete Close MT4 .. 
          Spend your time with your family ..

14.....Best Tips is Eat Raw Green vegetables..

15.....Always Remember Trend is your friend .. 
         So first identify Trend then enter trade .
         Try to following Strategies. If you have your own Trend
         Following System its Amazing ,
         But if not 
        Try my     95 % Accurate Trend Following Strategy 
         Click Here .

Happy Pips  

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