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Make Money in Forex ( Tips ).

So Guys here i will tell you some Tips , How to make money in forex. IF you follow these tips before enter in a market , you can earn huge pips.

Make Money in Forex ( Tips ).

Identify Major Trend. 

You can find major trend of a market with the help of big time frames like Weekly or Monthly .

News Movement.

In Big Time frames if news break any S/R level , Cross Moving Avg or Break any trend line then wait for conformation and wait for normal relax market .

Long Term Trade.

Mostly Currencies follow large economies , and large economies take time to change . Many traders lose money in forex because they trade intra day , short term or scalping.

Calculate Risk Reward.

Always Calculate risk and reward ratio before enter a trade . 

Be Confident.

When you are fully confident on your decision then enter a trade .

70%   30 % Rule.

IF You wanna Sell any pair , So your all analysis will show Selling pressure. But before enter a sell trade one time think like a buyer and find hidden buyers pressure like any Strong Support or may be Selling Move is a fake move from smart money .  Same when before enter  buy trade , one time think  like a seller ..

Must Know How to  Analyze Financial Data.

You Must know how to analyze financial data . Like when any news data release you must know data impact on  a currency .

Start With Mini Account .

Always Start forex trading with Mini account and take small lots .

Follow Money Management.

Always Follow Your money management plan . Use Compound Sheet and Consider your profits as invest .

Be aware when Fake Break .

You Should know how to identify fake moves . you can identify fake Break-outs with Volume .

Enjoy Your Profits .

Withdraw Your Profits and enjoy . Don't get Greedy and reinvest everything in hope to double it . May be you can lose all your money.

Focus on a Single Pair.

Always Try to focus on a single pair , Be expert in single pair . if you focus on single pair you know all important levels , Major Trend , ect .

Focus on a Single Currency.

Always Try to focus on a single currency . Through this you can trade in a better way . you know all about your specific currency like interest rate , GDP , PMI ,Trade Balance , Cash rate , Retail Sales ect.

Don't Trade With Emotions.

Always Follow your trading rule , money management rules , risk and reward rules , Trading Strategy Rules , If you Break any rules while enter a trade, its means you involve your emotions in a trade . When Emotions involve in a specific trade mostly that trade will go against you .
Also Read How to be a Emotionless Trader .

Trend is Your friend.

Always try to follow trend . You can do this with any Trend Following Strategy .
if you have good Trend Following Strategy  then Focus on your System . But if not then try my 95% Accurate Trend Following System .

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