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One Biggest Mistake of a New Trader.

So Guys as you know i already write many articles on my website about Mistakes , Tips and Tricks ects ...You can read Previous articles . But i never told you this mistake. 
Every New Trader and even a trader have some experience do this mistake and still lose money in forex .
So Now read carefully , I Already told this in my previous articles but here i will explain this with some explanation.

Never ever change your SL or TP . and Never Ever Cut You Trade before SL or TP HIT. 

So when a trader enter a trade for example Lot Size 0.10 with  100 pips  SL and 200 pips TP.
Now He is ready for take 100 $ Lose and 200 $ Profit. Now think he follow above Underline rules.
Now Trade go against and Trade running with 90 $ LOSE . Now he is little happy because he think he control and beat emotions and dont Cut Trade at for example at 50 $ Lose. Now after sometime 100 $ SL Hit and He still feel some Proud and think at least he take complete lose and Never Break Rules . Because Pro Trader Never Break Rules and Now Soon i will be a Pro Trader. Now i have Pro Trader abilities . i can control emotions and accept loses ....

Now on the other side. 

Trade go in favor. Now Running Trade in profit with 50 Pips Which is 50 $......  
Now what Mostly Loser Trader do when Trade in Little Profit . They use  Trail Stoploss and Also Close Half Lot Size which is 0.05 or sometime above half .
Even When a Trader , Trade With Recovery Thinking he also close trade at only 50 pips Profit   and Now you Remember this is a same Trader who think he follow rules and take complete lose and accept lose and kill its emotions .
Now in this situation when trade in  Profit See he never ever follow any above underline rules .

Now you understand what is biggest mistake ... A forex Loser trader  take Complete SL and He never ever take Complete TP ... And Still  he think i kill emotions ....

Actually these traders dont know real definition of kill emotions and control emotions ....

Here i Will tell you what is real emotions killing ...

When you have Refuse Good Opportunity . 

Like you have Opportunity for Sex and you Refuse .
Like you have Opportunity to do Corruption and you refuse.
Like your Trade in half  Profit and you refuse  to close full or half . 
Hope you understand my points ...............

So what is key point .... When we take full lose, we should also take full profit ...

Now one Bonus Tip.. Always follow Trend Following Strategies .. All trend Follow systems have low risk high rewards.... Also put SL at key levels because mostly price return From these levels .
Safe SL is very important.
So if you wanna know near Holy Grail trend Follow System with safe SL and perfect TP points.
Buy now our Only Smart money Trend Follow Strategy.  

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