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Biggest illusion Every New Trader Face.

This is the biggest Illusion, We never believe on yourself and abilities we have.

We don't know why we cant do this, may be we don't want to understand and don't want to do this.

Rules and regulation created for our benefits.
We don't know when we add breaking rules and regulation in our nature, but our GOD don't want to add this in our nature.

Biggest illusion Every New Trader Face.

History is witness that whenever we break rules and regulation, we face loss.

Many people don't know their destination, but when they follow rules and regulation or sign boards of road, they achieve their destination.

When we want to follow rules and regulation, at first its very difficult to follow, because our thinking is this biggest hurdle in this way, and we can't control on our thinking, but we always forget that main purpose of created rules and regulation is to control on our thinking.

So that our thinking don't put us on wrong way, that's why we must follow rules and regulation.

Every work or field have their own rules and regulation or sign boards, if we don't follow those, we can't be a successful person.

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