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Best Forex Android App.

Hey Guys , Today i am going to share best forex android app .
i will explain why i select this app as best app.
So name of this App is Fx Strategies + Signals.
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1.........In this you get almost 15 + forex profitable strategies .
2.........Live Forex Signals .
3.........Learning Charts.
Best Forex Android App.

in these 15 strategies all are free and all tested or profitable. You can select any type of strategy like Scalping , Swing , Position  or Long Term Strategy . Each Strategy explained with full rules and regulations like Entry , SL , TP  ect with proper money management plan .
Best Forex Android App.

In live forex signals sections. You get real time live signal with chart analysis. Proper Reason why we enter in the market .You always get good pips signals and time to enter in the market.
Like if you download other android forex signals app.
you can see .. they only give you 10 to 15 pips signal and when we see market and try to place order , market already move 5 to 10 pips .

BUT in our APP we give almost 50  to 500 pips Signals. You have enough time to place order with us. We Give all types of signals like Scalp , Swing , intra day or Long Term.

Plus We add live notification feature in our app ..So when we update Signal you get notification in your android notification bar with chart analysis.
Best Forex Android App.

Some Examples
Best Forex Android App.

Best Forex Android App.

Best Forex Android App.

We also add Learning Charts Section. in this section we share some hidden secrets of market. 
how to read chars ?
how to use different strategies?
how to track smart money?
how to find who have more power in market seller or buyer ?

Below are some Example charts we share in our App and We update learning  charts after some time.
Best Forex Android App.

Best Forex Android App.
                                           Best Forex Android App.
And Don't forget to give 5 stars in Google Play Store ... 
Soon We will add more free features in our app for you guys .

Thanks a lot.

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