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FxGhani Trend Lines Breakouts System ( Advance ).

Time Frame: 1 hour.

Currency: GBP/USD, EUR/USD – tested. Other pairs may also be used.

Indicators: none.

Things you should know to use this strategy:
*Identify swings high and low.
*Rules of drawing a trend line.
*Be able to use Pivot Points.


Our working range includes 5 candles; from midnight to 4:00 am EST (including the 4:00 am candle).

Within those 5 candles look for a valid swing high and swing low of the price. Now, draw a downtrend line connecting your swing high to the most recent swing high of the previous day. (make sure the last one is also a valid high to draw a downtrend line through).

Do the same for the swing low.
If a trader sees, for example, no swings high in the 5 candle range that means there will be no downtrend lines in the morning. Same for a swing low.
The entry is done on the break of either one of the trend lines and is immediate without waiting for a current candle to close. A protective stop is placed just above/below the candle that broke through the trend line.

Profit Target:

Usually the whole action is unfolded within the next 3 candles (count the candle that had violated the trend line but only if it closed on the other side of the trend line).
So, after the actual breakout we have 3 hours or 3 candles to trade after that we will exit with whatever profits is made.

Using pivot points and timing

Our profit target is going to be the nearest level of support or resistance according to the pivot points. If however, after only 1 candle (or 1 hour) this target is reached it suggests a very strong market, thus we would stay in a trade longer and set our goal for the next support/resistance level. 

We would also choose the second pivot point level of support/resistance as our profit goal if the first pivot point level appears to be too close to our entry point. We have 3 candles to trade after the breakout in total, that´s why we can trade calm and allow our goal to shift to the next pivot point

FxGhani Trend Lines Breakouts System ( Advance ).

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