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FxGhani VSA Expose in 15 Pages.

VSA is the most wanted trading method.
Many Traders Spend years to learn this like me.
Its most complex and most Confusing Method.
You need to learn many book , many videos lectures ect . 
But  the myth is after doing all things you cant learn even 50 % VSA .

If you ever try to learn VSA , then you must agree this thing , that even you learn 100 % but you just remember 10 % LOL😃😃😃

So i spend almost 5 years to learn this method because , when i see posts from other VSA traders . they say VSA is king  , VSA is every thing ect ..

Every one create hype about this method ... So i go in deep and learn everything about VSA available on internet...

I Summarize all VSA stuff in 15 pages with all examples plus one Extreme Hack Strategy with volume ...

Time = Money 
FxGhani VSA Expose in 15 Pages.

If you have Time to learn  VSA A to Z  by own , then i am going to provide you all material free of cost  plus you can search on google and get more free VSA Stuff or also at Forex Factory.

Learn Own
FxGhani VSA Expose in 15 Pages.

But if you wanna save your time and just wanna learn key points tips and tricks and hacks about VSA then you should buy this 15 page VSA Research ..

In this research you will get 4 buy and sell setups + my own volume hack strategy..
Remember This Volume research applies on all markets forex, stocks , crypto...

One thing more .............

if you learn VSA by own then after learn you need tradeguider vsa software .. Which is paid , i think 17000 $ for one year subscription..

But if you get my VSA research , then no need for any software ... you will get signals at simple in MT4 Volume .. 

Price of my 5 years Research is 1000 $  

Contact us only if you really wanna buy at


Time Waster or Scammers Stay Away 

Thanks a lot .... 


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