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GhaniFx Free Signal Service.

So Guys as you know i always share stuff free of cost . 
Many Visitor and our Subscribers ask me about Forex Signals . Why i am against Signals Provider Services Things ?
Because if you depend on other person's knowledge , its harmful for your future growth .

Your knowledge Stuck on a certain level and you can't learn how market work and who run market.
As you know i already share almost 25 learning courses just to increase your understanding how market work , how to analyze market ect. So first of all i encourage you  first learn then earn .
But as you know nature of new and inexperienced  trader . 
They just want golden spoon in  mouth .

So i don't want to do this , but as many people request me about to start signal service .
i create an indicator for this purpose . 
i attach this with my own server . i will give daily update signals at market opening time . So this signal is for a whole day . i will give you Buy Sell Signal With Take Profit level . 

Stop Loss will be last High/Low ..OR Last Swing High/Low .And You can set manually Stop loss which is 50  pips for all Trades .
i include spread level  of all currency pairs so you can understand which pair is for you according with your money management level.

You can also confirm signal with Correlation Concept.
Remember this is free signal service . So don't Sell this indicator for money .

Happy PIPS
GhaniFx Free Signal Service.

Recommended Broker  =  XM    and  Hotforex  . 

GhaniFx Free Signal Service.

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