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Wide Spread Volume Strategy Plus Indicator.

Extremely Simple Powerful and Profitable Strategy . 
Must Read Full Blog Post.

So traders here i am going to share my own profitable Strategy Plus Indicator. As you know every Profitable trader have fucking dirty secrets and they never share these secret publicly . Some share these just with their paid students. i hate this shit . 
So i share all my secrets free in this blog.
As you guys know i mostly work on VSA and Wyckoff Strategies . Many Students want to learn these volume type thing and they already know other type of strategies like Pivot , Divergence , Trend Lines , S/R , Market Profile , RSI , Moving Avg , ect .  
I tell my Students this thing .
Wide Spread Volume Strategy.
But as you know many traders exaggerate things and post in facebook groups and mislead Other.
They just wanna Sell Courses . 
Don't Waste Your Money and use this Strategy .
So now i will tell you my Wide Spread Volume Strategy.
For this no need Pivot , Divergence , Trend Lines , S/R , Market Profile , RSI , Moving Avg , ect things..

We Find Wide Spread bar with high volume through Indicator .
In this indicator i include alert system. 
So when wide spread bar create on chart alert will display . 
So when Wide bar appear on chart we draw extended trend lines on high and low of wide bar .
When market break low or high of wide bar we enter in a trade .

See Break Down Examples ..
Wide Spread Volume Strategy.
See Break Out Example ...
Wide Spread Volume Strategy.

Time Frame           =  H1 ,   H4 ,  H8,   Daily, Weekly .
Entry                      =  Break Out , Break Down  , Test of Wide Bar
Important Rule      = See Volume When Price Break Out or
                                   Break Down.Volume Must be Reasonable
                                   On Break. Test of Wide Bar Volume Should                                      be low as compared with wide bar's Volume .

Most Important Rule =  When you use this Strategy never use any                                         other thing like Pivot , Divergence, 
                                        Trend Lines , S/R , Market Profile , RSI ,                                           Moving Avg , ect .

Recommended Broker  =  XM    and  Hotforex  . 

Wide Spread Volume Strategy.

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