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Mobile MT4 Strategy.

So Guys Here i will give you a strategy for Mobile MT4. If you are a student or full time 9 to 5 job  then may be you miss many trading opportunities to get rid from this problem many traders use Mobile MT4. 
But mobile mt4 app have limited things you can't install custom indicators like Pivots , Currency meter , VSA Indicator  , Wyckoff Indicator or Robots
So now i will give you best mobile mt4 system. i already provide Desktop Version of this system but here i will explain with mobile example.

20 EMA apply High  ..Blue
20 EMA apply Low ... Red
RSI 10 apply Close ...  Yellow
10 SMA on RSI        ... Red

Buy Rules ..

Candle close above blue ema .. RSI above 55 level and Red SMA  below  RSI..
Stop Loss below RED EMA .

Sell Rules ...

Candle close below red ema.. RSI below 45  level and Red SMA above RSI..
Stop Loss above Blue EMA..

Time Frame ..

M30 , H 1 , H 4 

Take Profit ..

161 and 261 Fibo Level of Break Out or Break Down of EMA Candle 

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