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Biggest Problem Solved. ( Invalid Divergence )

Guys as you  know Divergence method is the most powerful method in trading. Through divergence we can find low risk and high reward trades. 

But 👉first main problem is when we find divergence, market already move huge pips and we miss trade. 

And the 👉second problem is Fake divergence or Invalid Divergence. 
Like if market in uptrend and we find Bearish divergence and we enter a sell trade. 
And What happen next market go up and SL hit.
Biggest Problem Solved. ( Invalid Divergence )

Why because market in uptrend. And why bearish divergence happen in uptrend , because smart money just wanna confuse you. they know typical and limited knowledge of a retail trader. So they make divergence just to grab your money.

Now as you know i am a researcher. So i do work on these two above problems and find a very accurate and unique way and solve this problem. 
And make a strategy to trade on correct divergence at time.

Now i will share this strategy with only 👉10 people.

Very Low Risk with 👉5 TP Levels.

Price of this strategy is .......1000 $....................

Payment method is Skrill only ...

Email.....    GhaniFx786@Gmail.Com


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